Kasco R&D technology is a spin-off company of Unicamp since 2015 and has it focuses on the development of innovative hardware and software for digital communications, image processing, artificial intelligence and monitoring and management systems. Currently has mature products in the areas of telecommunications, such as: proximity communicators via GSM, uLTE micro antennas, probes and signal meters for Digital TV, SbTVD 8x and 16x and IoT Multichannel Stations – Internet of Things. With a lot of representativeness in its portfolio are also its products and solutions for Artificial Intelligence, such as: hardware and software customized I. A. customization, solutions for iamge processing captured from various sources and applied to specific situations in the mining, agriculture, manufacturing, health and safety industries. Kasco uses its highly capable proprietary neural technologies and networks to process a variety of elements captured from optical, thermographic or non-visible spectra as information captured by satellites. Today Kasco has a highly specialized team of computer scientists, engineers and researchers with PhD in the areas where it acts as its main tool for the evolution of its products and solutions. To meet the increasingly demanding market demand, Kasco has created its own working methodology where the client monitors in real time the development and improvement of the product in its project management systems, called Kasco Scrum. Kasco and its professionals, due to their representativeness of the Technology and Artificial Intelligence sector, are ICCIA – International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Applications,  project reviewers with a strong presence in the IEEE. In addition, Kasco is part of Unicamp Ventures’ innovation programs and the only company in Latin America to carry the NVIDIA Inception Program seal for its expertise in its hardware and software for A.I.

Studies on the Brazilian digital TV standard are initiated by Unicamp researchers in the LCV laboratory in partnership with Mackenzie Presbyterian University, where kasco's founders are present.
Improvements in channel coding using turbo code and LDPC codes in the ISDB-T system are proposed by the researchers, improving their ability to decode signals in environments with low signal-to-noise ratio. Project RH-TVD Mackenzie.
KAsco researchers win competition for the development of the STB-Scan project through the RNP (National Research Network) and develop a network of sensors for remote analysis of TV signals using market set-box equipment by changing the firmware of the equipment.
A new contract is signed with RNP (National Research Network) for the development of solutions for smart cities, known as SIMTUR.
A contract is signed with ANCINE through rnp (National Research Network) for the development of solutions for the development of innovative hardware for Digital TV. TV2Ipê Project - Octotuner PCI Board: Solution capable of recording all audiovisual content of digital TV with eight-channel PCIe cards and management system.
Proposal for the use of artificial intelligence for energy inspection with thermographic cameras installed in land vehicles, project called MVTS (Multivision Thermal System);
Kasco R&D Tecnologia spin-off is founded and a new contract is closed with RNP (National Research Network) for the evolution of the TV2Ipê platform, improving the management platform and starting a pilot in three locations in the country.
Kasco wins its first AIOT project with strazmaq. The contract is signed with CPFL for the development of the MVTS project and with Innovatech telecom for the solution of uERBS 3G,4G and 5G as solutions in private mobile communication networks.
Kasco wins the competition through the RNP (National Research Network) for the development of innovative hardware for serving low-cost cinemas with the aim of expanding the cinema networks in the country. Kasco begins the development of low-cost probes for Digital TV.
Delivers the first prototype of an artificial intelligence vehicle for CPFL energy; joins the NVIDIA Inception program due to innovative developments in Artificial Intelligence. In partnership with Innovatech telecom and Sintelicom wins project with FAPESP for the development of AI solutions and mobile communication in the health area. Called the SAGIS Project.
In partnership with unicamp's LCV laboratory, Kasco wins a contract with CPFL for the evolution of the MVTS system and delivery of two more units. It is awarded at SET-Expo as an innovative company for the UHD-Player project and in partnership with 7IDC wins contracts for the development of solutions for smart condominiums, solution development contract with the Vulkan group and commercial contract with the Record groups, Amazon Network and EITV for the supply of Probes and Digital TV Boards.
Kasco wins AI contracts with Cargill, Unilever for computer vision and AIOT with a brand new product for Luxottica;


  • Act in the development of innovative projects and products, creating solutions that can optimize processes, reduce costs and generate value for your customers.


  • Be a reference for the development of innovative technologies that are safe and reliable with intuitive and humanized interfaces.


  • Respect for people and the environment;

  • Encouraging originality in the proposed solutions;

  • Knowledge sharing;

  • Commitment to the challenges and deadlines assumed;

  • Ethics at work and in the market;